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The Gs Fashion NFT glasses wearable in cyberpunk virtual space
The Gs Fashion NFT glasses wearable in cyberpunk virtual space
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The Gs are the first 1000 high end digital glasses of the Family of Gs collection, made for the fashion NFT community that will be visually defined across the metaverse by what they wear over their eyes.

Owning one gives you exclusive membership to a slew of benefits in our new fashion metaverse economy. This includes access to private sales for the upcoming fa$h token and new community features being built by BNV.

The Gs belong to those that arrive first - the visionaries of the fashion metaverse community. There will only ever be 1000 Gs, and will enjoy all the benefits that come as the co-founders of this new era of fashion NFTs.
Total Quantity Available: 1000
Your purchasing quota:
The Gs Fashion NFT glasses wearable on black background


In addition to the growing number of high end fashion NFTs by brands on our platform, BNV is launching a new utility token called fa$h and building a fashion-first metaverse economy with play to earn innovations. It will be a virtual ecosystem built to bring out the full potential of fashion NFTs as wearables and assets that you can earn and play with.

Our New Fa$h Token

We are introducing fa$h, a coin token that will power a range of activities that we collectively call Fashion-to-Earn. Fashion-to-Earn will reward a mix of play-based and creativity-based activities that are familiar to web2 digital natives, retailers and stylists alikes in the fashion industry, as well as blockchain-curious gamers inside BNV World - our fashion-first metaverse built to be open and interoperable.

The Gs holders will get access to our exclusive private fa$h token sale (1% of the total supply).

Continuous Flow of Rewards and Benefits

The Gs fashion NFT will produce the highest yield among all our other wearables when we launch staking later this year. There will also be metaverse wearable airdrops for Decentraland, The Sandbox Game and Ready Player Me avatars; priority whitelist for future brand NFTs with 75% discount; surprise collaborations and priority access to metaverse experiences and more.


21,000 Family Of Gs NFTs Planned For Our New Fashion Metaverse Economy

There will be 3 different membership NFT drops planned for release this year, starting with the premium tier Gs. The next two phases will see the release of two new membership eyewear drops with 10,000 NFTs per drop.

Community Perks

In the near term, we have plans for a community treasury that pools funds to power our Family of Gs. A new community page will launch on the website to facilitate community engagement and voting on exciting ways to extend innovation and build the community. Our plan is to have 5% from primary sales from each new launch from the Family of Gs Collection, plus 100% of all following secondary sales royalties goes into the community treasury in perpetuity.

We look forward to growing our community with amazing visionary people that want to grow with us, and rewarding our OGs that have been with us from the start. Therefore we will be holding a small portion of The Gs NFTs for marketing, future collaborations and community rewards.

Stay tuned
Phase 2

Phase 2

The 2nd release aims at attracting newcomers from other well established NFT projects, supercharging the community with digital native members, and introducing new connections to blue chip NFT communities.
Phase 3

Phase 3

The 3rd release will come as we usher in the play-to-earn fashion-first environment, bringing new ways to empower digital fashion creators in a new kind of wearables curator economy.

The Gs have launched in Decentraland

The first Gs wearables have been launched for Decentraland! We will drop you a DCL wearable version for every Gs you purchase. The fastest way to get these is to message us on our Discord after you purchase, and we will drop it over to you as soon as possible. Don't forget to go visit our plot in decentraland!

The BNV Metaverse

BNV is building fashion-first metaverse experiences. We are building worlds to increasingly bring out the full potential of Fashion NFTs by making them wearable and upgradable via achievements in unique interactions, be able to receive access passes to high profile events not possible in real life, be a source of income via play-to-earn, and interactive games that help you and your wearable become legends in the digital world.

We believe play-to-earn tailored for fashion wearables and powered with our fa$h token will be big for our community. Holders of The Gs will be among the first to get exclusive access to alpha metaverse builds as they get completed later this year.

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